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Our History


The visionary thought of establishing Alvana Model Demonstration Secondary School, AIFCE Owerri,came into being under the leadership of the Provost of Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education; Prof Ernest Emenyonu in the year, 1994


  1. To establish students demonstration schools for teaching practice
  2. To restore the standard of secondary education that was battered due to the past war crisis.
  3. To set a model school standard that the graduates of Alvan Ikoku College of Education will take into the field of learning
  4. To capture and rescue students entrapped in half-baked teaching and learning process caused by derailment of leadership in educational system.
  5. To uphold the learning process for human capacity building and excellence in all facet of learning.

Issues above motivated the college management to set up a committee comprising.

  • Prof. Jasper Onuekwusi
  • Dr. C.P. Nosiri and others; who provided a working document for establishing Alvana Model Demonstration Secondary School, Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri.


Within the nineteen (19) years of AMDSS establishment, baton of leadership of principals moved from

  • Dr. C.P Nosiri
  • Osuagwu N. (Mrs.)
  • Dr. C.P Nosiri
  • Dr. Obiefuna Carol
  • Mr B.O.N Iheanacho
  • Rev. Dr. Ernest Onyebuchi Onwukwe

Again, the number of qualified teachers increased from 27 to 170 and our non-tutorial workers from 6 to 11. The students� population ranges from 1,500 and above.
It is on the record that AMDSS is a laurel monger in every competition. Reshufflements were made for better administration.
Visitors to School
Alvana has metamorphosed under the leadership of seven provosts since her inception namely;

  • Prof. Ernest Emenyeonu
  • Prof. Afigbo
  • Prof Amadi
  • Dr. Dan Onwukwe
  • Prof. Ngozi Uwazuruike
  • Acting Provost; Dr. Amadi
  • Dr. B.C. Ijioma

Each of these distinguished personnel made impact on the growth of Alvan Model Demonstration Secondary (school begins): Interaction with the students in AMDSS started on 17th October 1994 with a population of 98 students, and these pioneer teachers named below:

  • Dr. C.P Nosiri � Principal
  • Osuagwu Nonye Vice Principal � English
  • Okereke G.C.A � Chaplain/Christian Religious Studies
  • Keke V.N.C � English
  • Iheanacho B.O.N � Physical Health Education
  • Arukwe N.A � French
  • Okere T.A � Hausa
  • Onuekwusi Chijioke � Chemistry
  • Achinihu G.A � Home Economics
  • Ekweribe K.N � English
  • Okoro K.O � Agricultural Science
  • Uka A � Introductory Technology
  • Nwachukwu Ama � English
  • Nwaneri MO � Mathematics
  • Onyeka Joy (Dr) � Guidance and Counselling
  • Nwiche J.C
  • Onuoha V � Physics

These listed pioneer teachers worked tirelessly and passed through crucibles of perseverance to motivate and promote Alvana status today. There was heart to heart learning process between the students and teachers until confidence was built in students. Teachers who could not cope with the strenuous condition of work withdrew their service; like Nwiche J.C and Onuoha V. later, as the number of students admitted increased, more teachers were deployed from main stream of Alvan and cream of teachers from the state to increase the of teachers to 27. These consencious, effective and productive twenty seven (27) teachers remained loyal to the aims objectives for establishing Alvana Model Demonstration Secondary School until 2007 when the spirit of hard work was punctured and down cast by deselection of Alvana staff from the terms of employment as staff of Alvan.
However, the intervention of the parents teachers association (PTA) carried Alvana Model until she got this laudable height today. �A hand of applause for PTA�. Nevertheless, majority of the pioneer teachers were uploaded to the mainstream of Alvan as lecturers while some retired were retained on contract to give tone to the school.