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Rules and Regulations are important in the maintenance of order in any society, school, or organisation. When there is order in the school students will develop their academic abilities, possess good morals, be well behaved and be useful to themselves and Nigeria. This booklet contains the School Rules and Regulations guiding students’ conduct. It also contains students’ biodata, serves as information guide and exit card. This booklet is compulsory for all students. It is to be carried by students at all times. Loss of the booklet and ignorance of the contents will not be accepted as excuses. Your duty as a student of School of Education Demonstration Secondary School a.k.a Alvana Model Secondary School is to obey the rules and regulations and make the school a real model school.


Owerri, lmo State capital like any other big city is known for traffic jams especially as from 7 a.m. Students are requested to leave home early so as to be in school before 8 a.m. A student who comes to school at 8 a.m is late and will be made to carry out manual labour as directed by the teacher on duty. 

No excuses will be entertained. A student who arrives school at 8.30a.m will go home and will be marked absent in the School Register. A student who is late to classes after break or change of lesson will notbe allowed into class.


Fighting of any kind is prohibited.

Fighting without any weapon leads to suspension for two weeks. 

Fighting with weapon leads to expulsion. 

Bullying or fagging of a student leads to two weeks suspension.

Loitering/Sneaking Out of Class

Any student found loitering or sitting along the corridor will go on one week suspension. Students are encouraged to use the School Library or Auditorium at their free periods. Sneaking out of school, leaving the school without permission or found in town with school uniform at odd hours will lead to one month suspension.



Any form of extortion of money from any student and any form of stealing be it pilfering leads to expulsion. Lending or borrowing of money of any type is not allowed. Students found guilty of either offence will be suspended for one month.


Students must always be properly dressed in neat, correct and complete school uniform. If a student has a wound and cannot wear his or her shoes, such student(s) is/are allowed to wear black sandals (not slippers) with permission. Student(s) found with any type of wrong uniform will have such uniform(s) confiscated.

Immoral Acts

Students found in any type of immoral act, such as illicit affairs with a student of the opposite sex asking for any student’s hand in friendship, scandalizing any student’s name etc., will face the school disciplinary committee. Any student found guilty of any ofthe offences will be expelled.


   (a) No student should be associated with cultism or engage in cult activities and carrying of                                                                                             dangerous weapons such as bottles, axe, dagger, metal of any type, wood or any material that pose a danger.

     (b) No student should be associated with any of these illegal groups: (i) MPR – (Money, Power and Respect); (ii) Snippers; (iii) Beauty Lady – (BL) (iv) Black Axe; (v) Vickins. and the possession of their badges, handkerchiefs, wrist band, stockings, or their mode of dressing etc. 

Any student guilty of any or all the Nos. (i) – (v) will be expelled.

Absence from School/Emergency Permission

     (a) Students absent from school for up to a week should inform the school in writing through their parents, why such students are absent. In case ofill-health, such letters must be accompanied with a medical report.

     (b) Students must obtain permission by signing their exit card before leaving the school.


    (a) No student in Alvana Model . Secondary School is allowed to sit for General Certificate in Education (GCE) while in school. Examinations are allowed in this order – JAMB , SSCE, and NECO. Adequate arrangements have been made to prepare the students for these examinations.

    (b) Examination misconduct at any level is not allowed in School of Education Demonstration Secondary School a.k.a Alvana Model Secondary School, and students guilty of this act will be expelled from the school.

Unauthorised Materials

These items have been classified as unauthorised materials in School of Education Demonstration Secondary School a.k.a Alvana Model Secondary School: Handset, Computer games, films, magazines, such as Ovation and the likes. They distract the students. Any student found with such items, the school will confiscate them. Parents are advised to deposit their phone numbers with the school so as to be contacted by the school in case of emergency. The school should be reached with the following phone numbers:08033185896,   08063268438,   08033409245,   08033016662.

Parents should note that any contact made on behalf of their ward/child should be as such parents’ expense. They will be surcharged by the school.

Defacing the School Walls/ Destruction of School Property 

Unauthorised drawings or writing on the school wall is a grave offence. The offender( s) will buy paint and pay for the cost of repainting.

School Properties 

Any school property such as chairs, lockers, tables, laboratory equipment, chalkboard etc. damaged by a student, such student will be surcharged for the replacement of the damaged property.

Please be informed that School of Education Demonstration Secondary School a.k.a Alvana Model Secondary School is not a reformatory but a schoolBe warned and help make SOEDSS a.k.a AMSS a model school in all ramifications.